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Our t-shirts look good and feel great and they’re pretty good for the planet too.

We source all our materials as ethically as possible, our iconic Stanley Stella Creator T-Shirts come from a supplier that’s built their business on social responsibility. They pay a fair wage wherever they do business, they let their staff work free from discrimination and harassment in a safe environment. They encourage workers’ collectives and are FWF accredited (

And they go even further. They use low-impact, organic cotton and manufacturing processes that minimise their environmental impact. Because they believe that sustainable manufacturing is the only way to create.

For further details on our sustainable tees you can visit

Our printers are low impact too…

Based right here in London they use inks that are vegan and 100% phthalate free and use dryers that have been certified by the The Carbon Trust.

So, you get a T-Shirt that looks great to wear and you get to feel good wearing it too.

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