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Vintage Rainbow Theatre stage pass for Rick Burton

Meet Rick Burton, Rainbow Theatre main man!

Quite apart from the illustrious music history of the Rainbow Theatre we pay homage to with our Retrospective Editions designs, we can’t but shine a bright spotlight on the man who was involved in almost every role there was at the venue in those heady times. From Front of House Manager to Lighting Technician to Stage Manager, not to mention a side hustle in screen prints, t-shirts and punk paraphernalia merchandise, Rick was in the midst of it all!

The already glittering music history of the venue in its former incarnations sparked an interest in charting the evolving history of the Rainbow Theatre and Rick quickly began collecting memorabilia, a passion which he maintains to this day. You can follow his journey down Rainbow memories lane on Facebook.

The Rainbow Theatre hosted innumerable live shows from the likes of Bob Marley, The Clash, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Iron Maiden, James Brown, Queen, The Ramonesand The Who, as well as rehearsals and productions by the likes of Kate Bush and Led Zeppelin.

“It was tremendous fun”, reminisces Rick …”while it lasted!”

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